Speed and Data of the Network Generations

Physical innovations on devices are easy to see and understand. It's easy to tell the visual difference from a dial phone, to a flip phone to a smartphone.

How to Get One-on-One Technology Help?

There’s always a Great Way to Learn Something. However, Everyone learns differently. With GroovyTek, One-on-One Technology, Help is a Call Away!

4 Tips to Avoid Stimulus Payment Scams

Gotten a stimulus payment yet? In the US, leaders have agreed to pay citizens $1,200. Of course, there are caveats. What you need to avoid being scammed?

What is Personal Technology Training?

We’ve all had a tech support experience, but what is Personal Technology Training? Learn how GroovyTek set out to revolutionize the approach today.

Why You Need Personal Tech Support?

We’ve all had a tech support experience. Properly used & understood, Personal Tech Support can revolutionize your life and help to circumvent frustration.

In More Familiar Times: Do you Remember When?

Technological Evolution and How it is Has Changed? Past & Present Timeline, We look at the Origins of Personal Technology

The GroovyTek Groovy Guide & Glossary

In the following, you'll find a brief definition of terms you may come across as you venture through the landscape of your personal technology.

An App for Dinner? You’ve Got It!

Apps have conquered every part of our lives from entertainment to financial planning and it’s not hard to see why!

Cell Phone Technology Timeline

Mobile Phones: History, Evolution & Timeline. It wasn’t until the mid-1950s, technology became a reality

Cutting the Cord: How to Start Streaming

Looking for a Cable Solution? Ready to Cut the Cord & don't know how? GroovyTek can help! What do you pay for cable TV each month? Streaming is the Way!

Fitness and Wellness Apps

Staying healthy & being mindful of your personal wellness. The amount of resources can be overwhelming. We took some time to pick our favorites.

Getting Fit in the New Year? How Technology Can Help You ...

Fitness is on many people’s minds as we think about the new year. Every headline is about new diets, workout plans & ways to become your ‘best version"!

GroovyTek Personal Technology Training

Whether you want to learn about apps, digital security, or more, expect the same respectful and patient approach from the GroovyTek team.

Could Adopting Technology Help Combat Ageism?

Ageism is hitting hard causing social isolationism that could be averted. Getting an empathetic personal technology trainer is a great start to connecting!

Getting Smart: Making Your Home Work for You

You’ve probably heard lots of hype about artificial intelligence assistants. And just like every other buzzword, it’s been both exciting and concerning.

The Big Bang Theory of 1989: Birth of The Digital Age Exp...

Creating a world without key events or inventions has become the crux of many time travel movies. What would happen if World War II never occurred?

Using Personal Technology To Find A Job

Finding a job used to be pretty straightforward. Remember the days when you could circle an ad in the newspaper, drop off your resume, and get an interview?

Is Technology The Key to Your Independence?

Personal technology has evolved to the point where you can maintain your independence longer than anyone else in any generation.

Living In An On-Demand Economy

The instant gratification epidemic in our society has without a doubt grown in the past decade, as more and more businesses offer instant results.

Artificial Intelligence Assistants

Have you heard the nightmare stories about the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assistants? Learn about what AI Assistants Can Help You With

OK Who? What's With The Generational Conflict

With recent headlines raging over the use of “ok, boomer”, and millennials blamed for killing the latest industries, division is everywhere.

How Technology Has Changed Emergency Preparedness?

Preparing for emergencies used to be relatively straightforward. Thousands of digital options available. Stay up-to-date with emerging technologies.

E-Shopping: Delivery Methods

E-Shopping Delivery Methods - With easy access to goods & services that technology affords us, let’s take a moment to discover how our purchases get to us.

Two Reasons You're Struggling with Personal Technology

If you're struggling with personal technology, it's not your fault.

Technology Suggestions for Teleworking

Working remotely seems to be what everyone is doing. Whether it’s to connect with coworkers, or stay at home, it’s no longer uncommon.

Want Doorbuster Deals? Get Them Delivered

Taking advantage of the Black Friday deals is easier than ever. Comparing the best deals from your couch, and getting it delivered to your front door!

The American Dream and You: Personal Technology’s Role

Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple—they are all huge companies with an inherently American rags-to-riches origin story. Their success has transformed the world of personal technology.

Setting It Up: How to Use Parental Controls

Some sites and devices already have built-in parental controls. Here's how to use them.

Sharing: Photos and Videos

Top ways to share your photos and videos with others. We’ll discuss attaching photos in text, email, messaging, and uploading to photo sharing sites

Pros and Cons of Working Remotely

Working remotely is what almost everyone is doing these days. Even if you work in an office, you may need to take work home. What are the pros and cons?

Saving Photos: What's Up With The Cloud!?

The deep dive into saving your photos and the mediums available to do so. Learn about the four key benefits to establishing a cloud account.

Get Into Gaming: Setting Up Your Devices

Gaming is one of the most fun uses of technology. While it’s not good in excess, a little moderation makes it a fun hobby.

Staying@Home Series: Colorado 2020

GroovyTek has developed the “Staying At Home” webinar series for Colorado to help folks make the most of their in-home personal technology.

Education Professionals

As learning institutions prepare to welcome back staff and students, families & students are being asked to implement technologies into their lives

Working From Home: The New Era of Employment

History of working from home. It started long before the invention of the Internet. In the New millennium, from 2000 to 2010, remote work skyrocketed.

Technology Trends For 2019

When it comes to rising tech trends, we're seeing a big focus on products that will make your life easier.

The Essential Migration, Lesson Learned

Maximizing your personal technology and transition to technology was inevitable. Navigating this more digital-centric environment has become a necessity.

Trends in Home Security

Feeling safe in one’s home has created a booming home security market. Home security is evolving (technology leading the way). Below are the trends!

Finding Meaning and Motivation in Technology

Nowadays, it feels as if everyone is being pushed to step up their knowledge of technology.

The Heartwarming Tale of Anne and Sophie: Bridging Genera...

Discover the inspiring story of Anne, an octogenarian with severe arthritis, and her granddaughter Sophie, as they defy age and physical limitations to con

Did you know GroovyTek can go shopping with you?

Discover how GroovyTek empowers you to make informed tech decisions without the complexity. Our personalized coaching ensures you get the right device, eff

John H. and the GroovyTek Help Desk: Bridging the Tech Ga...

Discover how John H.'s simple phone call led to the creation of the GroovyTek Help Desk, transforming senior living communities with technology support.

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