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Two Reasons You're Struggling with Personal Technology

If you’ve ever struggled with personal technology, you know how hard it seems to learn something new. Even if you’re relatively tech-savvy, it’s a struggle. Why? Everyone should know how to pick up new skills, and technology shouldn’t be any different. Unfortunately, it is—which means that if you’re struggling to master personal technology, it’s not your fault. 

Part of the reason lies within Silicon Valley’s golden demographic. Young, tech-savvy, up-to-date on the latest Internet lingo—does that sound like your grandchildren? The focus of Silicon Valley’s intense marketing and exciting innovations, they are digital natives in a confusing personal technology landscape. However, by doing that, everyone over the age of 40 has been excluded and ignored. Without readable user manuals and products that are actually user-friendly, what can you do?

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It should make sense to consult family and friends. If companies aren’t making products with you in mind, maybe loved ones can help. However, it’s hard to learn in an environment where asking simple questions makes you an obsolete dinosaur. Calling companies that made your devices is no help, either. Being rerouted across several continents, suffering through endless menu options, and getting no true customer service at the end isn’t helpful. What else can you do? With particularly confusing topics like personal technology, you should be able to get answers easily in a patient, respectful manner. Unfortunately, that doesn’t often seem to be the case. 

At GroovyTek, our solution to these issues is respectful, empathetic education that puts your agenda front and center. With knowledgeable trainers that have collectively logged over 10,000 hours of sessions, we’re ready to help.

A long-time friend of GroovyTek, Sharon B. has experienced our trainers’ approach first-hand:

Every time I’ve worked with GroovyTek, my trainers have shown great promise. They’re very patient, have phenomenal tech knowledge, and can explain concepts to me in such an easy way! 

No matter what you want to do with your personal technology devices, we’re confident that we can give you the help you need.

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