What Does GroovyTek Do?

What can GroovyTek help you with? GroovyTek Can fill an educational gap for people interested in taking control of their personal technology.

The GroovyTek Groovy Guide & Glossary

In the following, you'll find a brief definition of terms you may come across as you venture through the landscape of your personal technology.

GroovyTek Personal Technology Training

Whether you want to learn about apps, digital security, or more, expect the same respectful and patient approach from the GroovyTek team.

Staying@Home | Staying Connected

Online communication overview for your tech at home.

Staying@Home | Staying Informed & Entertained

Stay Informed & Entertained: The best options for news & entertainment while @ home

GroovyTek's Personal Trainers

Have you ever wished for an on-call tech trainer who could respectfully explain the answers to your questions? GroovyTek has what you're looking for.

Staying@Home | Staying Supplied

Online Delivery, overview & options to keep you supplied while @ home

TekPrep | Communication & Information Tools

Overview of options to use Technology to stay connected during a disaster. Including: Group Texts, Social Media, Facebook Safety Check, FEMA, Local Media A

Two Reasons You're Struggling with Personal Technology

If you're struggling with personal technology, it's not your fault.

Staying@Home | Staying Safe

Stay Safe: Best practices to stay safe while operating online @ home

TekPrep | Preparing Your Technology Continuity Plan

How can we prep our technology so we can make the most of it during times of uncertainty when we’re in a different location than our traditional home base

TekPrep | Documents And Information Access

In this series, appropriately titled TekPrep, we’ll cover how you can work with and prepare your technology, so it can be smoothly integrated into your dis

Remote Learning: How to Get Your Kids Set Up

School is ending two months early thanks to the coronavirus. Remote Learning Help for E-Learning and Blended Learning is here! Contact GroovyTek for Help!

Over The Phone Training and Support

GroovyTek surpassed a bench mark in terms of our training experience by providing over 10,000 hours of In-Home personal technology training sessions!

TekPrep | Creating Your TekPrep Disaster Kit

When assembling your TekPrep disaster kit, it’s important to come up with a to-do list.

John H. and the GroovyTek Help Desk: Bridging the Tech Ga...

Discover how John H.'s simple phone call led to the creation of the GroovyTek Help Desk, transforming senior living communities with technology support.

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