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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Experience GroovyTek Over the Phone!

Speaking of experience, we at GroovyTek recently surpassed a significant bench mark in terms of our training experience. We provoded over 10,000 hours of In-Home personal technology training sessions!

We have learned a great deal by conducting so many sessions over the past three years, and believe we now have a solid grasp on topics of interest as well as common areas of concern.

Over the years, we have had countless clients ask if we could simply help them answer a few quick questions, or take a look at a pressing issues they were having on their devices without having to coordinate schedules to send a trainer to their home.

Well now we can, we are excited to offer GroovyTek sessions live over the phone.

So, if you are interested in connecting with GroovyTek for help with a pressing concern or question, think about giving our new over-the-phone service a try. Sessions are broken down in 30-minute increments and we are able to answer questions and address concerns. We can even take a look at what is happening on your computer!

Why Groovy Over the Phone?
  • Easy and convenient scheduling. (same day service available)
  • Save over half vs in-home service.
  • Same service, same trainers, same patience and respect.
  • Get your issues fixed or questions answered quickly.
  • No contracts or set up fees.
  • 100% your agenda.
Common Topics Covered
  • Windows and Mac Basics
  • Windows 10
  • Computer Optimization: Adjust Storage, Increase Speed
  • Computer Protection: Plans and Consultation
  • Password Management
  • Social Media: Introduction and Set-up of Accounts
  • Photo Management: Organization, Syncing and Storage
  • Email: Set-up and Overview
  • Cloud: Set-up and Overview
  • Computer Back-Ups
Exploring Apps
  • Maps, News, Calendars, Sonos, Alexa, Weather, Netflix, FindmyPhone, Uber, Open Table, Airbnb, Grocery, Airline Apps, Facetime, Skype and more!
Exploring Software
  • Microsoft Word, Excel & Powerpoint, Apple One Note, Keynote & Pages, Dropbox, Google Sheets, Drive & Docs. Adobe Photoshop & Acrobat and more!

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