Using Personal Technology To Find A Job

Finding a job used to be pretty straightforward. Remember the days when you could circle an ad in the newspaper, drop off your resume, and get an interview?

Staying@Home | Staying Connected

Online communication overview for your tech at home.

Staying@Home Florida 2020

Introducing a series of free “Staying@Home” webinars to help Floridians navigate their technology. With more time in isolation, they need help.

Staying@Home | Staying Informed & Entertained

Stay Informed & Entertained: The best options for news & entertainment while @ home

Staying@Home | Staying Supplied

Online Delivery, overview & options to keep you supplied while @ home

TekPrep | Communication & Information Tools

Overview of options to use Technology to stay connected during a disaster. Including: Group Texts, Social Media, Facebook Safety Check, FEMA, Local Media A

Staying@Home | Staying Safe

Stay Safe: Best practices to stay safe while operating online @ home

Emergency Preparedness Technology for 2020

Cover all your bases when developing a disaster response plan.You’ll need to think about all aspects of emergency preparedness technology & solutions.

TekPrep | Preparing Your Technology Continuity Plan

How can we prep our technology so we can make the most of it during times of uncertainty when we’re in a different location than our traditional home base

TekPrep | Documents And Information Access

In this series, appropriately titled TekPrep, we’ll cover how you can work with and prepare your technology, so it can be smoothly integrated into your dis

TekPrep | Creating Your TekPrep Disaster Kit

When assembling your TekPrep disaster kit, it’s important to come up with a to-do list.

Trends in Home Security

Feeling safe in one’s home has created a booming home security market. Home security is evolving (technology leading the way). Below are the trends!

Top Three Technology Disruptors You Need To Know About

Here is a quick snapshot of three technology companies disrupting traditional business by using their unique innovations. These companies are covered everyday in the media, and they are changing the way business is conducted in their res...

Fall-ing In Love With an e-Reader

As we are getting into Fall and making our way into Winter, why don’t you make the strain on bookshelves a little lighter with an E-Reader and digital libr

Finding Meaning and Motivation in Technology

Nowadays, it feels as if everyone is being pushed to step up their knowledge of technology.

Combating Online Fraud

As we find ourselves spending more and more time online, we must realize that these scammers are fine-tuning their methods, updating their tactics.

Taking Control of Your Technology

Technology; iPads, iPhones, PC’s, tablets, Kindles and scores more!

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