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Technology; iPads, iPhones, PCs, tablets, Kindles, and scores more! For those of us who didn’t grow up with it, or haven’t had to use it professionally, even the mere prospect of getting started using it can give you the shivers. And yet, whether from a birthday, the recent holiday season or just a thoughtful gift, many of us may have a new computer or accessory that hasn’t even made it out of the box. Let GroovyTek walk you through some simple considerations that will help you take your tech presents from glorified paperweights to valuable tools for improving your life!

Know The Language

There are a few important considerations to take before setting up your devices. Firstly you want to determine your device’s compatibility. We’ll take a popular gift, the Echo Dot speaker, as an example. Firstly, we know that the manufacturer’s brand is Amazon. This means that: 

  • You will need an Amazon account to use the Echo Dot. If you have already ordered from Amazon, this account will be the same as your shopping account. 
  • The voice assistant on this device will be Alexa; to make the most of her functionality you will need to get the Alexa app on your smartphone or use the Alexa settings on the Amazon website. If you do not have a smartphone or computer, you will not be able to use Alexa to the full extent. 

This information is important to understand because, without an Amazon account and an app to control it, you won’t actually be able to use the Echo Dot at all! There are other difficulties that can arise from these requirements too; perhaps you have an Amazon account, but it’s been so long since you had to sign in that you’ve lost the password! 

Have Your Password Book Ready

This brings us to our next topic; staying on top of your passwords. These days we are asked to create many online accounts; for work, personal life, and even medical procedures. Because it is best practice to make your passwords unique for every account, over time this leads to a massive number of passwords that become impossible to memorize. 

Spare yourself the strain! GroovyTek recommends one of the following: 

  • You can use a Password Book. This is just a booklet where you can organize a list of your accounts including passwords and usernames. Because the vast majority of security threats to your personal data are online and therefore digital, keeping a physical copy of your passwords can actually be more secure in some ways. 
  • You can use a Password Vault, like LastPass. Password Vaults are online services that allow you to store encrypted copies of your account passwords and usernames online. The advantages of using a Password Vault are easier access to your passwords when you need them (the Vault can automatically insert the correct password when you log in), and the ability to check your passwords from anywhere. The main disadvantage is that if you lose your “primary” password used to access the Vault, it can be very difficult to recover.

Wherever you are keeping your passwords, make sure you have them readily available before setting up your device. This is important to reference when needed, and make sure you record any new or reset passwords as soon as you make that change. Once you’ve set up your account and installed the companion app on your smartphone, you are ready to move on.

Practice Your Device’s Abilities 

At this stage of setup, you should be ready to start using your device! Staying with our example of the Amazon Echo Dot, here are some of the things you can do with its hands-free Alexa voice commands: 

  • Call people on your contact list, play music or even order products and groceries directly from Amazon 
  • Control your smart home appliances; everything from switching the lights to changing the thermostat setting can be done remotely now
  • Set reminders and change your calendar. You can treat Alexa almost as a real personal assistant in this sense, and ask her to give you reminders at preset times
  • Use the new Alexa Care service to allow you to be a remote caretaker for a loved one. You will be able to set reminders for them, passively monitor for falls or distress, automatically call emergency services for help, and to speak directly to them

Intimidating as it can be to get started using your personal tech, there are many benefits to be gained. Don’t let fear of the unknown keep you from enjoying the ways technology can simplify your everyday life and enhance your hobbies. If you are ready to take the leap and defy limitations, our qualified Technology Trainers are ready to help you get those presents out of the corner and into your hands. Give us a call today at 954-784-4735!


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