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Remember when you could use a camera without worrying about ‘cloud storage’? How about when you could play a cassette tape without worrying whether your songs were downloaded or not? Today, personal technology seems confusing or downright impossible to understand. If you want to know why you can’t seem to take control of your personal technology—sometimes, the answers seem endless. Maybe it’s the overwhelming amount of information available, or the feeling that you’ll never catch up, or the notion that you have no one to turn to. But if you want to learn how to use your own tech, what could you do?

Maybe you could call the tech support team from the company that produced your phone. But if you don’t feel like struggling through your call being transferred and rerouted to a call center on another continent, that’s out. Maybe you could ask your grandkids, seemingly born with knowledge of the latest apps and texting lingo. But if you don’t feel like being treated like a dinosaur, what else can you do?

That’s where GroovyTek’s unique approach to tech training comes in. Fay W., a friend of GroovyTek, has worked with many of our trainers over the years. 

Today, a GroovyTek trainer was here for two hours to help me with my laptop/phone aches and pains. He did a wonderful job by answering questions, picking up new questions that I also needed to work out, and having the usual patience from each of your tutors that I’ve had from GroovyTek folks.

GroovyTek Takes a New Approach
to On-Demand Tech Support

Our approach to tech training is unique, because your agenda is always front and center. Rather than pushing new products that you don’t really want to hear about, or ignoring your explanations of what you really want to do with your devices, our top priority is respectful listening. This empathetic approach is the first step toward finding a solution for your tech needs. Our trainers want to empower you to use solutions provided during sessions, even when the trainer isn’t there!

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My trainer has a good sense of humor, and a store of useful information about the computer business and his work in it. Thank you for the help, and for sending—once again—someone who can truly be of help. I will contact you about future needs for sure.

Solving your technology frustrations and giving you the tools you need to conquer your devices is important to us. Give us a call at 303-317-2800 to schedule a session with one of our friendly, knowledgeable trainers today!

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