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Is It Time to Upgrade Your Smartphone?

When to get New Smart Phone? | Keep current or upgrade?

If you own a smartphone, you’ve probably heard the hype about the iPhone 11. Ads are everywhere, and if you’re a latest-and-greatest consumer, you may have bought it already. But what if you haven’t, and are still on the fence? 

If you need a new phone, it’s tempting to buy the new model. If your old phone is cracked, or slow, a new model would fix those issues. However, it’s smart to weigh your options first. Why should you upgrade to the iPhone 11 specifically? You may know that the announcement was a flop. This is because there aren’t many great new features. There is an improved camera function, but not much else. It’s still an Apple model, though, which ensures high quality.  

Should I Upgrade my SmartPhone or Wait?

The main problem with purchasing an iPhone 11 now is the arrival of 5G. Cell phones currently operate on 4G. This allows them to send and download images, videos, texts, and more. 4G is pretty fast. When 5G arrives, though, it will leave other network generations in the dust. Phones that operate on 4G will become the dinosaurs of the technology world.

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It’s hard to make plans because no one knows when 5G will hit. There are rumors, but nothing else. Each company wants to be the first one to provide 5G. It’s a race cloaked in hearsay and rumor. As a consumer, it is frustrating. 

The best choice is to choose a phone model that isn’t too expensive. That way, if 5G arrives next year, you won’t be left with a pricey, useless phone. Some experts recommend waiting until 5G to get a new phone. But what if you can’t? That’s where the art of bargain hunting comes in. 

Why spend an exorbitant amount of money on the iPhone 11 when you can get an older model? The iPhone 8 and the iPhone XR are still being sold by Apple. They offer many unique functions and uphold Apple’s quality standards. They’re both water-resistant, offer touch or facial ID options. Both models also have great battery life, cameras, and storage capacity. With these kinds of features, you can upgrade without spending much!

If you have an older phone to trade in, you can get the iPhone 8 for just over $300. As a model to get you through until 5G hits, this is a great option. If you're more interested in the iPhone XR, you can get it for under $400. When compared to the pricey iPhone 11, this is a great deal. Shopping around for a fantastic bargain takes a little more time, but it will save your wallet until 5G comes out.  Need help choosing or on the fence? GroovyTek is here to help!

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