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iOS 15 Update


It's happening again! If you have an iPhone, there is a new version of iOS coming out sometime in September. I know it feels like we just got used to the version we are on right now, but Apple likes to keep us on our feet like that.

This time around, Apple has put a lot of focus on connecting and sharing experiences on your phone; you will be able to watch shows together, listen to music, and share your screen, all while still being able to use facetime. If you don’t happen to have a curated bookshelf background for your facetime calls, you can now use portrait mode to make the focus solely on you.

Notifications will display a larger image of the app it came from, and if it is a message from contacts, it will show their picture next to it, making them easier to identify. In addition, focus mode is a new feature allowing you to control what apps give you notifications at what times. So if you want your morning routine to only include notifications from texts and not look at the news yet, you can do that.

Safari is going to look completely different. But, before you get too nervous about this, many redesigns are supposed to make it easier and more efficient to navigate. One of the prominent features is now you can open groups of tabs on your phone and then access them from another one of your Apple devices.

Next time you are at the bar and have that moment of panic, you can now add your ID to your Apple Wallet. This feature won’t be added until a further update, so keep that good old plastic card on hand. If you are concerned about the security of this, don’t worry because Apple has added a bunch of new privacy features. Notably, you will now be able to see when apps access your permissions, like using the camera or microphone.

The new and improved health app adds features to share your info with your family or caregiver. For example, you can now add COVID vaccinations and keep track of your walking steadiness to manage fall risks.

With any update, the new features might be a little bit overwhelming; remember to take them one step at a time and work at your own pace. If you think you can use a little bit more assistance, GroovyTek is always there to help as well.

iOS 15 overview


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