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Why did we start GroovyTek and what is our mission?

We started GroovyTek three years ago because we believe people over the age of 40 are being mistreated and ignored by Silicon Valley. The days of easy to read instructions and user manuals, especially for technology, appear to be behind us. The pace of technology and its advancements is rapid and many folks feel left behind and don't know where to turn for help.

We, at GroovyTek, strive everyday to become the resource that people from all generations can turn to receive patient and respectful guidance and help navigating their personal technology (smartphones, tablets, and computers).

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Why over the phone remote training sessions?

After conducting over 10,000 hours of in-home training sessions in Colorado and Arizona, we realized we were helping people every day with many of the same frustrations, scenarios and areas of concern. Our Over The Phone Remote Training and Support sessions enable us to help folks from across the country with these same topics everyday using the GroovyTek approach anchored in one-on-one patient and respectful help.

The same GroovyTek experience, the same trainers, the same results (see testimonials)

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